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Bored of your interior? Add leather to your decor

leather desk accessories

You can trace the use of leather ever since men existed on this very planet. It dates ages back and still is an irreplaceable choice when it comes to durability and quality.

All around the world people give high regard to the leather fabric. It is a symbol of fashion and luxury.

Haute couture designers can see the best use of leather and in a most creative way; these people are a world apart when it comes to fashion, and they use different kinds of fabrics: turning a simple piece of cloth into a masterpiece like magicians.

How is leather derived?

The leather is made from animal skin, more commonly derived from cows, goat, buffalo and exotic leathers such as snake and alligator are also available for making garments and accessories.

The leather is obtained as a byproduct of animal husbandry; while the exotic one is through the means of poaching and black market trading, which makes them rare and more valuable.

Research shows 65% of leather comes from cows while, 15% comes from sheep, 11% from pigs and 9% from goats and Less than 0.2% of leather comes from any other type of animal.

Phases of the leather-making process

During the ancient period, the leather was processed by tearing off the skin from the body of dead animals and then sun-dried and then pounded until ready to use.

While now all the process involving in the leather making is done through leather making industry where – only three phases are involved:

  • preparation of leather for tanning,
  • tanning, and
  • Processing tanned leather.

Different uses for leather fabric:

The leather is a very versatile fabric it can be used for making several products – such as binding, clothing, saddle, leather desk accessories, footwear, furniture, gloves, watches, baggage, and several different products.

leather desk accessories

Why choose leather products?

Benefits of leather fabric over any other fabric are:

    • Imperishable: Leather is an extremely durable material, and even more if it is of high quality and when it is handmade. Mass produce of any product lacks quality and durability. Therefore, to guarantee its strength choose leather products that are handmade.
    • Fashion statement: it is no doubt to symbolize leather as a part of a fashion statement and statement of luxury. It has been a statement of fashion ever since high-end fashion designers laid eyes into them and it will remain popular for years to come.
  • Eco-friendly: Leather is obtained from animals making it a natural product and apart from that the process of leather making does not involve the use of extensive chemicals and any natural hazard process, making it more eco-friendly in comparison to other synthetic fabrics.
  • Versatile: Leather with its several usages in fashion, furnishing and in making accessories makes it a very versatile fabric.


Using leather desk accessories will not only enhance the beauty of any place but also fulfills its purpose too. It is an excellent option for decorating and adding a little luxury to your home.

Cloud Revolution Continue in 2019, Fueled by Big Data Analytics

big data analytics

Globally, business enterprises are investing in developing a solid framework for Public Clouds using Big Data Analytics with a unified approach. Today’s Big Data analytics industry is very different from what it was in 2011-2015. Between 2015 and 2018, the Big Data industry grew by a whopping 250% in terms of dollar size, data volume, veracity and number of applications; a large part of that has to be attributed to the ongoing Cloud revolution.

In this article, we are exploring how data analytics is slated to shape the Cloud ecosystem.

Convergence of Infrastructure and Platform-as-a-Service Applications

Public Cloud revolution is hinged on the Big Data analytics training and applications. The top platforms in the industry, AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, are continuously innovating with high-powered quantum computing technologies powered by data analytics and big data aggregators. Established data vendors like IBM, Oracle, SAP, SAS, and Dun and Bradstreet are offering multi-level IaaS and PaaS to dominate the Cloud revolution.

big data analytics

Hybrid Clouds are widening the Gap with Private Cloud Infrastructures

A majority of courses in the big data analytics training in Bangalore identify Data intelligence and analytics as technology enablers for dedicated Clouds and Public clouds. Hybrid Cloud architecture leverages at least two different Cloud deployment models based on IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and other, bound together by appropriate technology integrations and data portability boundaries.

Data analytics Bangalore are defining Hybrid Clouds with new-age Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions to identify and investigate data breaches, complying with industry and governance policies.

Analytics and Compliance: Why Cloud Governance Remains Critical?

Maintaining and demonstrating the highest adherence to Data regulations and Cloud management compliance can put any Cloud revolution out of the wheel. As cloud infrastructures get complex and open to data breaches, relying on certified professionals with Data Analytics training in Bangalore ensure that business enterprises are using only consistent Data Management tools. These tools are controlled by administrators who are aware of these processes:

  • Compliance: HIPAA, SOCi, GDPR, PCI etc.
  • Data Encryption
  • Data Auditing and Sovereignty
  • Secure Containers
  • Disaster Recovery

big data analytics

Surviving the AI Onslaught

AI is more than just hype- or a technical buzzword that is slated to go mainstream for big data applications and data management tool providers. However, everything is not hinged on AI applications. As data governance imply highest standards of compliance on Cloud infrastructure, AI and machine learning with data analytics training could solve hundreds of security issues for businesses. While AI is the readymade answer to most security issues faced by enterprises, it is truly a question of who would control the technology—

Simple! It would be certified professionals with Data Analytics training expertise.

Aquamarine wedding dress can be the best option for you on you wedding day

wedding dress for groom

What is the first thing that comes to your mind after becoming engaged? Probably choosing the perfect wedding dress! And, there are so many choices out there that it becomes easier said than done.

When there are too many offers you might easily become overwhelmed when there are so many different wedding styles. So, it is not necessary that the plethora of wedding dress has to make the shopping trips difficult for you.

One of the wedding dress that has become popular with time is the aquamarine wedding dress. And, it is not only the color that makes the dress ideal for a wedding but people says it also absorbs the atmosphere of young love.

Blue is the color of water and the sea. It represents peacefulness and calmness. Like water, the color aquamarine also conveys life, purity, and femininity. It also symbolizes security, life-long loyalty, and stability.

There are ways in which you can complement the look of your aquamarine wedding dress.

While you are buying your jewelry and other accessories it is essential that you keep in mind about the color and style of your dress.

  • Simple and classic- when the color of your dress is aquamarine it is obvious the material of the cloth has to be silk, chiffon, or organza. These fabrics are gorgeous on their own. You won’t need many embellishments and still create an elegant feel.

wedding dress for groom

You can complete your look by keeping it simple and wearing classic jewellery as pearls or diamond pendants.

  • Sparkle and glamour- when you are thinking about wedding it is evident that lots of bling will come into your minds such as tulle ball gowns or crystal embellishments. However, if you already have the sparkle in your wedding dress you must you must try and minimize the bling.

You will just need a simple drop earring and an understated necklace for an ornate dress.

Moreover, if you are trying to add extra sparkle to your simple dress then you can choose statement jewelry such as a chunky diamond necklace or chandelier earrings.

  • Romantic lace- when you will add lace to your aquamarine dress it will give it a romantic and vintage feel. You can also pair your lace dresses with wedding jewelry that is vintage inspired such as a combination of pearl and diamond.

The addition of a jeweled hairpin also adds vintage style that will give a soft and romantic look.

Think about something blue when buying your jewelry

When you are wearing an aquamarine wedding dress your jewelry must also be according to it. Even blue is considered to be a good luck charm so the jewelry you are choosing you can buy something blue. The aquamarine stone can be an amazing and gorgeous choice for your wedding jewelry and they look great in earring, bracelets, and necklaces.

wedding dress for groom

The dark blue sapphire will also compliment almost all shades of blue and other colors, moreover, it can also be an elegant addition to your accessories.

Other blue gemstones that you can consider consists of blue sapphires, blue topaz, and turquoise.

The aquamarine wedding dress can be the best option for your special moment and day. In Mayasange you can buy this dream dress of yours as it is a designer piece for all the beautiful brides especially if they love water.

The dress is worth buying because of its color and design. If your wedding is a theme wedding you can make your appearance more appealing by wearing this dress. Nature is the inspiration for this dress and it is chic, modern, elegant, and also gives a glamorous look.

So, if you are the next bride who is looking for a different look then this aquamarine dress is definitely for you.

1 Year Photography Course in Delhi-What’s In the Syllabus?

1 year photography course in Delhi

An aspiring photographer? Have a knack to join photography classes? Looking for diploma classes so that you do not have to compromise your job/ mainstream studies? Well, if you are from Delhi and have any of the above mention things in common, this article is for you. Here, we will discuss the diploma courses available in the institutions in Delhi, and what is taught there. By going through this article you would be able to make an informed decision of where to register for an effective course.

Delhi College of Photography- 1-year diploma in photography

This one-year diploma course in photography is a wonderful opportunity for people who want to take photography as a career. The course has its own signature style where established photographers and professionals visit to train students.

The 1 year photography course in Delhi College of Photography is designed in a way that students learn both the theoretical fundamentals or photography and the practical discourses. The course is divided into three semesters.

First semester

  • Fundamentals of Photography Techniques
  • Aspects of digital photography, digital cameras function
  • Light and shadow techniques
  • Enhance pictures in the darkroom

Second semester

  • Developing digital darkroom skills,
  • Learning various genres and forms of photography

Final semester

  • Advanced workshops
  • Projects

IIP academy- 1 Year Advance Dual Diploma in Photography

While completing this wonderful course, students finish one course but get the advantage and certificate for the dual diploma program.

The minimum qualification to enroll in this program is 10th pass. People, who are in their degree programme or are completing vocational courses, can also join. As the name suggests, the 1 Year Advance Dual Diploma Course in Photography takes one year to complete. Each batch comprises of 18 seats. The classes run during all 5 days of the week, starting from 10’o clock in the morning.


The one-year diploma is photography from IIP academy costs Rs. 2,55000  per student. Students are asked to pay Rs 40000 at the time of registration. Another amount of Rs. 1,35,000 has to be paid during Semester I and a course fee of  Rs. 80,000 need to be paid during Semester II.


Photography techniques, image editing and processing, image printing, film making with DSLR camera, and commercial, wedding, and advertising photography. Plus students are handed with an excellent opportunity of internship and job training at reputed companies.

1 year photography course in Delhi

One Year Professional Photography Course

Another diploma in photography in Delhi that worth completing for people with a knack in photography. The Pixel Institute of Photography is known for the vast and rigorous syllabus that takes care of every area of photography.

The syllabus comprises of the following-

  • The history of world photography
  • Digital cameras, its types, and functions
  • Fundamentals of shooting modes and settings
  • Camera movements
  • Accessories of the camera and its understanding
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting, key lighting methods, flashlight and speed light
  • Photography compositions
  • Product photography, dawn and dusk photography, night photography
  • Photojournalism and many more.

With these photography courses, one can turn their dreams into reality. These photography courses are programmed for students who want to acquire 360- degree knowledge in photography.

Promoting is the most ideal approach to convey about the business

Lift promotional marketing ads

Promoting is the most ideal approach to convey to the clients. Promoting help illuminates the clients about the brands accessible in the market and the assortment of items valuable to them. Publicizing is for everyone including children, youthful and old. It is finished utilizing different media types, with various strategies and techniques generally suited. The organizations which are in their presentation arrange for the most part work for this goal. Lift promotional marketing ads helps to make sure that promotion is done in a proper way. The preliminary target is the one which includes persuading the clients to purchase the new item presented in the market. Here, the sponsors utilize conspicuous and alluring promotions to make clients investigate the items and buy for preliminaries. This goal is worried about keeping the current clients to stick on to the item.

  • The promoters here, for the most part, continue getting something new the item and the commercial with the goal that the current clients continue purchasing their items. Here, the promoters endeavor to persuade the clients to change from the current brand they are utilizing to their item. A goal is for the organizations that need their past clients back, who have changed to their rivals. The publicists utilize diverse approaches to pull in the clients back like rebate deal, new promote, some revamping done on bundling, and so on. Essentially, promoting is an extremely creative method for speaking with the clients. The primary attributes one ought to need to get on their destinations are incredible relational abilities and great persuading power.
  • Publicizing assumes a vital job in the present time of rivalry. Publicizing is one thing which has turned into a need for everyone in the present everyday life, be it the maker, the merchants, or the client. Publicizing is a critical part. Let’s examine how and where publicizing imperative is: Simply envision TV or a paper or a radio channel without a commercial. No, nobody can any day envision this. Publicizing assumes an essential job in a client’s life. Clients are the general population who purchase the item simply after they are made mindful of the items that are accessible in the market.

One all interestingly, publicizing enables individuals to locate the best items for themselves, their children, and their family. When they come to think about the scope of items, they can analyze the items and purchase so they get what they want in the wake of spending their important cash. In this way, promoting is vital for the clients. Promoting is imperative for the dealer and the organizations creating the items truly, promoting assumes critical job for the makers and the dealers of the items, in light of the fact that Publicizing helps makers or the organizations to know their rivals and plan in like manner to get together the dimension of rivalry. Captivate lift advertising can be really helpful in the growth of a business.

How has animation changed over the years?

2D animation company in India

Cartoon characters have been one of the most creative talents in human existence. It all started with a scribble that cartoon characters came into existence. Cartoon characters became known and famous in the very start of 18th century. The cartoon is nothing but a form of animation which has a wide range to discuss. The cartoon is a piece of the sketch, but when a series of sketches are made in accordance with each other with slight variation, it becomes an animation. Animation has always been a part of entertainment mostly for kids, but a wider section of the audience has started liking it for a time pass.

In the 18th century, there were no proper details of animation, but very basic in the form of drawings. It was in the 19th century that the cartoon characters became famous and animation started taking a serious overture. In 1908, fantasmagorie, an animated film was made for the first time in the world and it became very much hit as people found it very entertaining. From there it was assumed that cartoon and animation would have a lot of impact in the coming years. Series of cartoon animation was presented soon after the success of fantasmagorie like Alice the wonderland, Little Nemo and many more. Mickey Mouse was introduced to the world in 1928 and the rest is history. It is still one the most lovable cartoon character. Mickey Mouse attracted so many eyeballs that animation industry witnessed its golden age. There were researches for something new and soon we saw 2D and 3D animation, thanks to the technology, which helped animation grow and turned it into a new industry.

2D animation company in India

The 2D animation is one in which the variable can move right, left, upward and downward. Various games, cartoons were developed with this technique. Gaming industry got a huge boost on the addition of the 2D animation. With a series of successful games like Pac-man, snake and bouncing the ball, etc. which became a rage among kids and youth when the computers and mobile phones were launched. The introduction of 3D animation revolutionized the animation industry again with some extremely eye-catching graphics. The 3D animation is one in which the object can movie front and back as well. To be precise, the object can move in all the three directions, i.e. x,y, z-axis. A 2d animation company in India has also grown over the years because of immense success and it has given work to a lot of young artists. Animation has become one of the largest sectors in business with graphics, VFX, and CGI coming into existence has made the animation industry reach new high and the sky is the limit.

Today, if we talk about any kind of promotional activity which is being used by the companies for their process of getting at the top of the chart is any kind of social media idea which can be applied anytime while opening a business. Mostly they use the contents writing on their page which can be seen at any time in their page. There is a content development company which handles all kinds of a process for promoting the new companies in the market.

What are the Benefits to be a White Label Reseller?

Reseller SMS gateway

When the companies have already a basic level of established clients, they take a partnership with an agency to offer mobile marketing solutions. Sometimes, hosts of websites, marketing agencies, and other organizations offer features and marketing tools under their own brand-name. White label resellers are very famous in the online technological world. They generally license an existing technology and rebrand it to match their business logos and colors. Then, they are ready to provide it to their own customers. Technological tools providers offer to use their own platform including their own brand-name and provide it in different markets.

Benefits of choosing to become a whiter label reseller

There are several benefits to be a white label reseller and some of these are:

  • Build an additional stream of revenue: You can add to your current revenue as white label resellers. If you possess more tools to provide, you can demand more charges for providing your solutions. The number of your customer can increase as your current solutions will offer to a wide range of audience and customers. Your offerings will spread to a great variety of customers when you will include marketing tools in your business. You can ensure your customers, who have a small business related to some form of marketing, to access the ready-made tools which you have included to your offerings. You will not have to spend on the development and checking the tools. This system is cost-effective and you can try to the different kinds of business.
  • Build your own brand-name: If you make a partnership with a marketing automation agency, rather than resell, you will require for sharing spotlight. Your customers will not contact you for their requirement and they will be trying to find out for your partner’s company. As a result of this, it will take away your own revenue and marketing. But, everything will be under your company’s brand-name, when you are a white label reseller. You can maintain your company’s brand consistency and make the promotion of your own company instead of someone else’s. When your customers will use your marketing tools for their requirement, you will get all of the revenue from it.

Reseller SMS gateway

  • Make development easily using a ready-made platform: You can develop your business easily using a ready-made platform. After being a white label reseller, you will not have to spend time on the development of your own tools. You can start marketing your current and developed solutions to your customers properly. Including ready-made tools, you can totally skip the verification and development stages. It will take a lot of money as well as time to build technological tools. You can run the hassle-free business to become white label resellers.

Reseller SMS gateway provides their clients including a benefit to resell SMS credits to their eligible customers for business purposes or individual. You can control all of your user’s account easily from your own website. The provided services include two different types of routes to fulfill any type of customer’s budget and demand. The two types of services are critical route and standard. The critical route is considered to send important alerts and promotional SMS within the time. Standard routes are used to the campaign of a large volume of service.

Nowadays it is not difficult to get your iPhone repaired

cheap iPhone water damage repairs

There are lots of apple products that are in great demand for a longer period of time. The iPhones and iPads get dropped and harmed constantly. Presumably, the most widely recognized is the crushed screen, which we examine in our article on motivating Apple to supplant your broken iPhone. Be that as it may, the second most regular is very likely water harm. Perk up, be that as it may, in light of the fact that a brisk dunk in the old H20 isn’t really a capital punishment for an iPhone. We can’t ensure anything; however, your telephone may make due to battle and get dunked one more day. We all get in touch with water very often and cheap iPhone water damage repairs can get be done easily.

  • In the event that the waterlogged iPhone is connected as of now, unplug it. Try not to be enticed to turn it on and check for harm, as this can cause short-circuits. In the event that the wet iPhone is for a situation, evacuate it, yet this is clearly just for sure. These means help to diminish the number of alcoves and corners where water can wait and help to maintain a strategic distance from harm to key iPhone parts. Wipe the overabundance and outside fluid off all that you can reach. Flip around the iPhone and give it a delicate shake to clear the ports and attachments.
  • One needs to maintain a strategic distance from is initiating the circuits inside the iPhone, on the grounds that this is probably going to prompt short-circuits that is the thing that causes the long haul harm. In the event that the iPhone happens to be turned off, abandon it off. Try not to be enticed to control it up and check whether regardless it works. It may, and after that quickly quit working always accurately on the grounds that you investigated.
  • A more probable situation, tragically, is that your iPhone was exchanged on or in rest mode when you dropped it in the beverage. So now you’re taking a gander at two unappealing alternatives: shut down however in the process making the screen and working framework wake up quickly before turning off or leave the gadget in rest mode with the expectation that you don’t get any notices. It’s your choice, yet after discourses here in the Macworld workplaces we’ve chosen that the lesser of two disasters is to wake the iPhone quickly so as to complete a full power off.
  • In the event that you were sufficiently fortunate to be in Airplane Mode when you dropped them as presents, we have to draw however much inside fluid out as could reasonably be expected. Oppose the compulsion to utilize a hair dryer or other warmth treatment, as this can harm the iPhone’s inward parts. There are times when there is a problem with a power button so in those times cheap iPhone power button repairs can be done without any hustle.

How to Quickly Decorate your House for an Attractive Christmas Look?


Reasons to choose SMS for your marketing campaign

SMS gateway service

In our country like India where smartphones have gone on to outnumber toothbrushes, SMS does appear to be the future of marketing. It is a reliable and effective medium in reaching out to people within a matter of seconds. Most reliable SMS gateway service ensures that it is done even if the mobile phone of a customer is switched off. Anywhere in the world SMS reaches a handset. No doubt if you avail bulk SMS gateway it is a cost-effective medium. The beauty of bulk SMS marketing is that it has been existent for a long time and will continue to do so in the coming years. The main features of bulk SMS services are as follows


Be it a transactional or a promotional message it is possible to send and read bulk SMS quickly. The feature of rapidity is involved. If you are looking for information to reach a wider audience and for them to respond in a prompt manner rely on the services of a professional SMS provider from a top notch company.

SMS gateway service

Right on the button

In comparison to other marketing channels, with SMS marketing there is no need to worry whether your message would reach out to a target audience or not. In addition, the concept of bulk SMS is driven by permission which means people who have gone on to receive your messages have given their nod of approval to receive updates from your end.

Customer convenience

Customers are going to appreciate brands who lay due onus on time. A good example of this would be an e-commerce company. They rely on SMS in a meticulous manner to inform customers about product launches or updates. One more example would be bank regular updates customers about account balance, withdrawal, deductions etc.  This would also enable you to cut down on customer-centric services.

Low investment and high returns

Advertisement cost outdoors or traditional form of advertisements could be out of bounds for a lot of businesses. With SMS solutions at a low cost, you can expect higher returns. This is a form of marketing that at a fraction of a cost you can put in action. This would allow you in reaching out to thousands of customers in an effective manner.

No filter

In comparison to email marketing, there are no filters in place in case of bulk SMS. This means that messages would not make their way on to the spam folder. Even if a number is listed on the DND category still there is a way by which you can reach it.

To conclude small business houses are reaping in the rewards of bulk SMS marketing campaigns. This appears to be a growing sector and you can choose a customized package as per your needs. In your quest for the search for a promotional or business-oriented SMS company choose a company whom you can trust. There are numerous distinguished players in the market.

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