1 Year Photography Course in Delhi-What’s In the Syllabus?

An aspiring photographer? Have a knack to join photography classes? Looking for diploma classes so that you do not have to compromise your job/ mainstream studies? Well, if you are from Delhi and have any of the above mention things in common, this article is for you. Here, we will discuss the diploma courses available in the institutions in Delhi, and what is taught there. By going through this article you would be able to make an informed decision of where to register for an effective course.

Delhi College of Photography- 1-year diploma in photography

This one-year diploma course in photography is a wonderful opportunity for people who want to take photography as a career. The course has its own signature style where established photographers and professionals visit to train students.

The 1 year photography course in Delhi College of Photography is designed in a way that students learn both the theoretical fundamentals or photography and the practical discourses. The course is divided into three semesters.

First semester

  • Fundamentals of Photography Techniques
  • Aspects of digital photography, digital cameras function
  • Light and shadow techniques
  • Enhance pictures in the darkroom

Second semester

  • Developing digital darkroom skills,
  • Learning various genres and forms of photography

Final semester

  • Advanced workshops
  • Projects

IIP academy- 1 Year Advance Dual Diploma in Photography

While completing this wonderful course, students finish one course but get the advantage and certificate for the dual diploma program.

The minimum qualification to enroll in this program is 10th pass. People, who are in their degree programme or are completing vocational courses, can also join. As the name suggests, the 1 Year Advance Dual Diploma Course in Photography takes one year to complete. Each batch comprises of 18 seats. The classes run during all 5 days of the week, starting from 10’o clock in the morning.


The one-year diploma is photography from IIP academy costs Rs. 2,55000  per student. Students are asked to pay Rs 40000 at the time of registration. Another amount of Rs. 1,35,000 has to be paid during Semester I and a course fee of  Rs. 80,000 need to be paid during Semester II.


Photography techniques, image editing and processing, image printing, film making with DSLR camera, and commercial, wedding, and advertising photography. Plus students are handed with an excellent opportunity of internship and job training at reputed companies.

1 year photography course in Delhi

One Year Professional Photography Course

Another diploma in photography in Delhi that worth completing for people with a knack in photography. The Pixel Institute of Photography is known for the vast and rigorous syllabus that takes care of every area of photography.

The syllabus comprises of the following-

  • The history of world photography
  • Digital cameras, its types, and functions
  • Fundamentals of shooting modes and settings
  • Camera movements
  • Accessories of the camera and its understanding
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting, key lighting methods, flashlight and speed light
  • Photography compositions
  • Product photography, dawn and dusk photography, night photography
  • Photojournalism and many more.

With these photography courses, one can turn their dreams into reality. These photography courses are programmed for students who want to acquire 360- degree knowledge in photography.

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