6 Months of Ayurvedic Diet Can Cure Blood Pressure and Diabetes

Ayurveda, the original medicinal branch dating back to 5000 years in ancient India, has been known to cure all types of human illness. Years back we didn’t have antibiotics or sophisticated hospitals to treat us, but science was surprisingly at a much-advanced level. Nowadays, medicines are used to cure the problem, but they hardly target the root cause of an ailment. Ayurvedic treatment directly targets the functioning of our body. One of the major beliefs of Ayurveda is that our body is what we eat! Hence the focus is on what is eaten by us. It can be plant-based or mineral-based, but essential our food cures us. 

Sattvic Diet for Wellness

There is a concept in Ayurveda called Sattvic, which in Sanskrit means of pure essence. By following this diet you can cure yourself of obesity problems, regulate blood pressure, type 1 diabetes and heart related ailments, cholesterol problems, gut, and stomach related problems and more. You will practically see no cold, cough and fever if you follow this diet. 

Sattvic foods are soothing and nourishing to the body and act as a healing agent. The essence of sattvic is foods derived from plants and not animals. Not living creation is harmed in a sattvic diet. Even the crops and vegetables must be grown naturally without preservative and chemicals; much like organic food of the modern world. In case you do not get organic in your local market you can easily buy ayurvedic products online.

Sattvic Food

A sattvic diet generally consists of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain and nuts, dairy products like milk and cheese. There is no restriction on deriving products like milk from an animal, as long as they are not harmed. But many like to follow the plant alternatives like plant milk, almond milk, soy milk and more. Beans, lentils and other crops are also included. The oil used is usually plant-based like mustard oil, sunflower oil or olive oil. You can also use oils from seeds which are widely available in the supermarkets. You can also buy these ayurvedic products online!  Sweet foods like honey and sugarcane can also be consumed. There is no restriction on spices as such, but the amount of spiciness is your food is adjusted according to the ailment you are suffering from. However, tea and coffee are not included as they contain caffeine. Instead, fresh juices are encouraged.

Sattvic Lifestyle

Sattvic is not completely about food. It also includes the regular practice of yoga, meditation, breathing exercises and more. The essential ingredient is to learn to know one’s body and mind. This is possible if we love ourselves and treat ourselves right. Understanding your body is of the essence! Just practicing a sattvic lifestyle for six months, you will notice differences. There will be more clarity of mind, reduced anger, more concentration and creativity, increased vigor and a lot more. A person who practiced breathing exercises has also seen miraculous healing in lung-related diseases like asthma. 

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