A Study On Creative Video Production

Videos are the resonant combination of sound, motion, and visuals which proves to be the most powerful storytelling medium. Videos like Business Promotional Campaigns or those who depicts influential Ideas and experimental content efforts can help to dive deeper and have more satisfying relationships between brands and the audience.

Now, what actually a video is? A Video is the recording, reproducing, or broadcasting of moving visual images. Video production includes the creation of video by recording moving images and Video Editing,  where parts of the video are combined and reduced in post Production

A  creative video production company is a company that converts a raw idea about an event, song, product or movie into a finished video.  The Task Of A Creative Video Production Company is not easy or simple but it requires the efforts of highly-trained people and a good amount of time.

Creative Video Productions has three stages-  Pre Production, Production, Post Production.

 Pre Production is the stage where the Script becomes the outcome of ideas, after that, a shooting schedule, locations, Cast, and Props/Wardrobe/Art is decided. In other words, this is the time when a Script is written and then anything which  is necessary for its execution i.e noun in the script is delivered to set.

Production is the second stage and the most crucial one where the whole script is put into action. Shooting takes place and the whole crew executes its assigned work.

Post-production is the stage where the captured video is edited, in-depth editing is done, special effects are used and a final video is produced. This Stage is the one which uses the best of the editing apps and highly skilled crew at those tasks.

After several rounds of revisions, the final video is uploaded on the appropriate media stations or websites.

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Format selection plays a crucial role in the planning process of the project. Formats like Interviews, Documentary, Video Magazine, Story Based, Talking Head are used as per the video content for the video productions.
Good  Video demands a Good Plan. A Creative Video Production Company in order to make its video more influential to the audience can add new and exciting production elements to its videos. The Video Production Company should plan for an appropriate format, style, and elements and shoot accordingly.

The style of the video that the Creative Production Company will use, will define the personality of the project. Questions like What feeling you want the program to convey? Should it be formal or informal? Should it be serious or silly?

Once the format and style are determined, Creative Elements which are appropriate for the project are decided. The Elements Can be Inspirational or Demonstrative.

 Shooting with appropriate format and elements along with a realistic timeline and budget will lead to more effective presentation to the audience. When a Creative Video Production company makes the best of the Planned videos, it boasts a brand’s online presence and makes it is content more appealing to viewers and set one’s business apart from the rest.

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