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At New Legacy Landscaping Services, we generate the ultimate landscape experience. Our process includes initial consultation, intend, construction, and ends with the customer sign-off. Throughout this process, our qualified team will go above and beyond your expectations to be sure you are satisfied with your adapted outdoor oasis. One can find countless examples of our fine landscaping work in immediate communities such as Brookfield, Oconomowoc, Pewaukee, Hartland, Delafield, and Menomonee Falls. See below for a listing of all areas of our Custom Landscaping Services.

Our wide information of the climate and communities of Lake Country means that we recognize how to craft and implement outdoor landscaping plans that are an immense fit for your residence and that you’ll enjoy for years to come. A fine design can also indicate the type of family that lives in the home and how they sense about the home they dwell.  Elements of landscape design can showcase the home itself and set it apart from other homes in your neighborhood.  A home with a good poise of plant beds to lawn areas, with a good palette of color and recurrent interest, will create more attractive goods than simply casing your front landscaping with a lawn area and a tree.

If the dimension of your front yard is large enough and level, the lawn will seem good here. A good balance of lawn region with Front Yard Landscaping to lawn should be shaped approximately natural slopes and tree locations.  The plant beds you stay with should feature a thoughtful planting plan that appears at most of the following: texture, balance, form, and color, and repetition, elevation with a mix of deciduous and coniferous.  These areas should be planted to assemble the style and be planted with amount requirements at maturity of all plants.  Plants should lessen and shelter the view of the home, yet not display or block it.

New Legacy Landscaping

A simple real address wall placed toward the street of a modern home will both identify the address of the home, and tie in satisfactorily with the architectural features of the house.  A tiered fountain on display in a central area of a Mediterranean style home both adds a constituent of water and racket and meets the style of the home.  An ornamental post and rail fence flanking both sides of e front yard of a craftsman manner house, stained to match the start of the home will always look suitable.  A simple selection may be simply a bright red 3′ tall urn placed in the center of plant couch.

This is an easy loom and keeps a consistent look for the evolving out front.  Adding a selection of pavers or alternative real surfacing will set the entry apart from the driveway. Year to year more options come out for paving stones, with many options for dissimilar styles of homes. Lighting is a nice touch which will extend you restrain appeal into the evening hours, add a bit more safety and showcase those focal points in the landscape design and highlight the architectural features of your home that you are arrogant of.

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