Here’s a guide that will tell you about the rituals of a Punjabi wedding

Punjabi culture: Punjabi people or Sikh people are the people who believe and follow the teachings of 10 Gurus. The main Guru of their religion is Guru Nanak Dev Ji. There is a number of things that should be known by people about the Punjabi culture. Therefore, Bharat matrimony is the best matrimonial site in Delhi.

Punjabi’s and Sikh people consider Guru Granth Sahib as their holy book. One of the most beautiful weddings in Indian culture is a Punjabi wedding. Some of the rituals that take place at the Punjabi wedding are discussed below:

  1. Rokka: Punjabi wedding’s start from this ritual. This is a ritual in which the ceremonies are fixed. All the family members meet each other and do the matchmaking part.
  2. Shagun: This is a ritual in which the families shower the bride and groom to be with gifts, money, clothes, jewelry, etc. this is one of the most important rituals of a Punjabi wedding.
  3. Engagement: This ritual is very much common in the wedding of all the religions. This is a ritual in which the couples wear rings in the ring fingers of the left hands. Engagement is followed by Sangeet and Jaggo ceremony.
  4. Sangeet/Jaggo: These are the rituals in which the families show their happiness. All the people invited to dance a lot on DJ’s. This is a ritual that is held one day before the wedding ceremony.

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On the other hand, Jaggo is a ritual in which all the member’s invited gather, say Boliyan and dance. One of the family members carries pot on a head which is to be filled with oil. This is again the important ritual of the wedding of Punjabi people.

  1. Vatna: This ceremony is also referred to as Haldi ceremony. This is a custom in which a fine yellow paste of Turmeric is applied to the bodies of bride and groom. This is the ritual that happens on the same day as the wedding ceremony.

The Vatna ritual is followed by the Anand Karaj. Anand Karaj is the other name for the Punjabi wedding. In the Anand Karaj ceremony, all the people invited to gather at Gurdwara with the bride and groom. There the bride and groom take three circles around the Guru Granth Sahib. The circles take around guru Granth Sahib are known as Lavan. After the wedding ceremony, post-wedding rituals are held.

  1. Viddai: This is a ritual in which the bride is sent to her new house of her husband. At the time of Viddai, all the family members, friends and relatives cry to show how much they are going to miss her.
  2. Welcoming of the bride: After the Viddai ceremony, the bride is welcomed to her husband’s house by her mother in law. The mother-in-law does Puja and then put oil on the corners of the house to welcome her.
  3. Reception: This is a party given by the groom’s family to their relatives to tell that the marriage is successfully done.

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