How has animation changed over the years?

Cartoon characters have been one of the most creative talents in human existence. It all started with a scribble that cartoon characters came into existence. Cartoon characters became known and famous in the very start of 18th century. The cartoon is nothing but a form of animation which has a wide range to discuss. The cartoon is a piece of the sketch, but when a series of sketches are made in accordance with each other with slight variation, it becomes an animation. Animation has always been a part of entertainment mostly for kids, but a wider section of the audience has started liking it for a time pass.

In the 18th century, there were no proper details of animation, but very basic in the form of drawings. It was in the 19th century that the cartoon characters became famous and animation started taking a serious overture. In 1908, fantasmagorie, an animated film was made for the first time in the world and it became very much hit as people found it very entertaining. From there it was assumed that cartoon and animation would have a lot of impact in the coming years. Series of cartoon animation was presented soon after the success of fantasmagorie like Alice the wonderland, Little Nemo and many more. Mickey Mouse was introduced to the world in 1928 and the rest is history. It is still one the most lovable cartoon character. Mickey Mouse attracted so many eyeballs that animation industry witnessed its golden age. There were researches for something new and soon we saw 2D and 3D animation, thanks to the technology, which helped animation grow and turned it into a new industry.

2D animation company in India

The 2D animation is one in which the variable can move right, left, upward and downward. Various games, cartoons were developed with this technique. Gaming industry got a huge boost on the addition of the 2D animation. With a series of successful games like Pac-man, snake and bouncing the ball, etc. which became a rage among kids and youth when the computers and mobile phones were launched. The introduction of 3D animation revolutionized the animation industry again with some extremely eye-catching graphics. The 3D animation is one in which the object can movie front and back as well. To be precise, the object can move in all the three directions, i.e. x,y, z-axis. A 2d animation company in India has also grown over the years because of immense success and it has given work to a lot of young artists. Animation has become one of the largest sectors in business with graphics, VFX, and CGI coming into existence has made the animation industry reach new high and the sky is the limit.

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