Ideas for Portrait Photographers Melbourne for Taking Stunning Portrait Shots

A portrait is done for a variety of reasons. Some do it for professional purposes, while others do it for leisure. Portrait photography is resourceful in outlining the positives of a person and making them look focused and motivated. The true shade of a person comes out in their portrait shots. The following out-of-the-box ideas will help in getting the right portrait shot:

  • Alter the perspective

A lot of portraits are taken with the camera at the eye level of the subject. However, changing the angle completely will give surprisingly good results. You can try getting high and shooting down or getting as close to the ground as possible and shooting up on the subject. The shots were taken in photography studios Melbourne will create interest, as they are taken from completely new angles.

  • Take some shots without eye contact

The direction of the subject’s eye can have a huge impact on the photos. A lot of portrait photos have the subject looking at the lens, which helps in creating a sense of connection between the subject and the viewer. However, other things can be tried. Looking off the camera, where the subject looks at something which is out of the field of view, creates candidness and a slight ambiguity regarding where the subject is looking at. 

  • Play with composition

There are a lot of rules regarding the composition of the subject in the shot. According to the “Rule of Thirds”, a photo will be well taken if the subject falls within the centre of the shot, imagined by breaking the photo into thirds. The resulting photo will be pleasing to the eyes and well-balanced. If tried, placing the subject elsewhere and lowering their composition can result in good quality images. 

  • Try different lighting

Using random lighting in photography studios Melbourne for portrait shots can enhance the subject’s appeal. Experimenting with lighting on the subject can lead to unlimited possibilities. Side-lighting, silhouetting, or backlighting are effective in creating mood and enhancing their features.

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  • Add a prop

Adding a prop creates a new point of interest in the photo, which often enhances the whole portrait. The risk of becoming the second primary does loom whenever a prop is added, however, props are deft at giving new directions to the shot. The depth which one wishes to convey can be easily done without much energy.

  • Make a part of the subject ambiguous

The idea to zoom in one a part of the subject’s body works when the aim is to bring the viewer’s focus on that part. This can also be done with the help of objects, hands, or clothing.

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