Indian Dishes That Can Leave Anyone Craving for More!

Food is always indulging and exciting. How often do you try out something really refreshing or new or different? Whether you are a professional individual, a child or a house maker; you can always experience dishes and eatables that are unconditionally nourishing, pampering and delightful.

Whether you take a decision to eat in a quality Kashmir Restaurant or in any other multi-cuisine restaurant or any place; the choice is always yours.  The point is to eat diverse types of eatables and feel the utmost merriment and delectableness. How many of you are actually a fan of Indian cuisine?  Ah, you cannot skip the spice and spark of Indian cuisine.  Indian cuisine is constantly getting a place on the lists of foodies all over the world and no doubt, having the diversity of regions and flavors, Indian food is enormously diverse, and not to skip pleasant! The cuisine is absolutely rich, delightful and most apparently diverse. There are some food items that stem from Indian cuisines and nobody should miss out. Have a look below:

Allu Gobhi

Allu Gobi is a dry eatable that is formed of potatoes and cauliflower. The dish is blended with Indian spices. The dish is somewhat yellowish in the shade and that is because of the usage of turmeric, and sometimes it contains curry leaves as well. Other types of common ingredients that can be discovered in this dish are such as onion, garlic, ginger, coriander stalks, tomato, peas, and cumin.  Every single ingredient adds up to the attraction of this wonderful Indian dish.

Butter Chicken

Butter chicken is traditionally cooked in a tandoor; but could be grilled, pan-fried or roasted, in less effective preparations. The gravy is generally formed up of tomato, garlic, and cardamom coupled with a shining red pulp. A huge quantity of butter is also added to the dish and certainly, you cannot miss out rich spices such as asafoetida, cumin, cloves, cinnamon, coriander, pepper, fenugreek, and delicious fresh cream.   So true that it is a rich dish that is heart stealer anytime served!

Indian restaurant Cambridge

Malai Kofta

It is a delicious vegetarian alternative. Restaurant style malai kofta is exclusively prepared in creamy gravy that is prepared of tomatoes and cashew nuts. For your information, Malai literally means, cream and both the sauce and kofta exactly blends in the mouth. It is a wonderful dish that can make anybody feel loved and charmed.  In case you have never tried out this delicious eatable, you must do it. It gives anyone a royal time for sure.  Of course, sometimes you might also find sweetness too in this dish.  Different types of spices along with different nuts make this dish a royal one. You can eat it with naans or even rice. The choice is always yours.

Thus, it would be good if you go out sometime and eat at places like Indian restaurant Cambridge and experience different kinds of dishes and eatables.  The Indian cuisine will take proper care of you and you would not feel disappointed or disheartened.

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