Interesting Facts About Pregnancy Baby Kicks

The kicks go on to point towards a life inside you. It points to the fact that happiness is growing in your womb and would emerge anytime and make your life a wonder. With baby kicks, you feel special and possess an opportunity to connect with your baby and partner in a better way. It is not only that it points out that the fetus is having a healthy growth.

You need to be aware that baby kick counter helps to count the kicks of a baby. There are a few tips along with trades that make the readings fairly interesting.

Kicks point to normal growth and development of your baby

The baby kicks indicate that the baby is having a healthy growth in the womb. When babies go on to turn, roll, twist you can confer the fact that they are active. But you do feel a flutter and swish when the baby begins to stretch out their limbs. The movements go on to become a lot distinct once you reach the fag end of pregnancy.

The baby is in a position in responding to external stimuli

Babies are known to kick with changes in response to the external environment. The external factors that the food you eat and the noises you make would make the baby move or kick. Once you reach 20 weeks of pregnancy the fetus does begin to hear low pitch sound and once the pregnancy moves ahead it goes on to high pitched sounds. All these movements point to the normal growth of your baby. The food that a mother consumes during pregnancy introduce the baby to various flavours. By these flavours, the baby is known to move if they like or dislike them.

Pregnancy Baby Kicks

The kicks of the baby are going to increase when you are lying on the side

If you sleep on the side the kicks are going to increase. The reason being that the supply of blood increases when you are lying on the left or the right side contributing to better movements. As per studies, it points to the fact that the moment a mother slept on their back it conserves less oxygen. The moment a mother went on to change their activity state from left to right the baby would also change their state of activity.

You feel the kicks after 9 weeks

In the starting phase of pregnancy when you feel a flutter it is a sign of pregnancy kick. The doctor also advised that counting kicks during pregnancy is important to figure out that the baby is not showing any signs of distress. All these movements to take place around the 7th week of pregnancy which is very early for a woman to be feeling them. In most cases, babies are known to start kicking after 9 weeks of gestation once they move their limbs. With the aid of ultrasound, you can gain more insights about the baby kicks. Once you touch 24 weeks the baby kicks could be felt very often.

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