The scariest question for parents is. ‘Is my child learning enough?’ This is especially true when you send your child to kindergarten school. Kindergarten schools act as the foundation of a child’s growth and education. This is because when the child grows up to enter the world of spelling tests and math tests, you want to make sure that your child has a good grasp of the basics like alphabets and numbers. It may seem too farfetched, but if the basic concepts are not cleared, then your child’s education might not go a long way! The ideal environment for asking such the above question is analyzing what your child is learning at the kindergarten level.

How to Know?

It may seem critical since your child is very small and still building up skills and absorbing the environment. But there are ways to find out if your child is really learning. The first sign is when asked a question they will not wait for others to respond first. Children may take some time because we all know they can be moody. But in an environment full of people, they will not look at others but respond correctly to the question without any hesitation. Then you know, your child knows the answer. The next thing to look for is how quickly your child can grasp concepts. The simple thing to start with is to see how they are with different shapes and colors. Curiosity is also a part of every child! The more curious your child is about the environment, nature, animals and other non-material objects, the healthier is your child’s growth. Some of the best kindergarten in Gurgaon is known to offer such enlightening training to kids.

Things to be Careful About

Best kindergarten in GurgaonThe home environment has a lot of impact on a child’s learning. If you are working couples, make sure your child is exposed to some kind of learning environment. Playschools and kindergarten are a great place. But what about after the school gets over? No matter how much time you spend with your child, introduce them to new things and make them curious. Giving a smartphone or an iPad is not a good idea! Involve them in nature-related activities. Nature provides the perfect learning environment. Just one visit to the park per week can have a major impact on your child’s learning. Start mini gardening lessons if possible. A trip to the grandparents also is a very good idea. Our parents and forefathers always involved grandparents in the family, because they can contribute significantly to the child’s learning. Some of the best kindergarten in sector 48 Gurgaon will advise you the same!


Finally, as parents, it can be said that you will easily see if your child is learning. There are signs like curiosity, asking questions, which indicate a healthy growth. Life is busy, but listening to what your child has to say is also important to develop a healthy learning environment. You as a parent must find new learning methods and activities that will benefit your kid in the future


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