Islamic Calligraphy On Canvas

A home is an expression of you – your tastes and preferences, your lifestyle and you’re your faith. Which is why, if you are Muslim or are inspired by the Islamic faith, you can display on your wall Islamic calligraphy art canvas – where verses from the Quran are painted or written in a calligraphic style on canvas. A relatively new innovation in Islamic wall art Arabic calligraphy, it could also bedigitised handwritten work that is printed on canvas.

In the traditional form of Islamic wall art, a passage from the GloriousQuran would be stitched with a golden thread ona black cloth composed of silk or velvet. The combination of black and golden comes from the cloth that covers the Ka’aba, the central cubical structure at the Masjid Al-Haram in Mecca.Other forms of traditional Islamic wall art include ornate wall carpets. Mostly crafted in Turkey and South Asia, these vivid wall carpets are characterised by thick, decorative borders and intricate floral patterns. At their centre is a Quranic passage stitched in calligraphy.

In the digital age, innovative trends are coming up in Islamic wall art. Stores and artists that sell Islamic wall art Arabic calligraphy now apply a modern class of materials and mediums, digital mass printing techniques, social media and e-commerce platforms to show and sell their artworks. Two innovationsin particular stand out. The first is Islamic wall decals which can be directly stuck on to the surface of the wall. They are minimum, the focus being only on the text, minus the aesthetic distraction of hues, frames or backdrops.

The second popular category is Islamic calligraphy art canvas – as mentioned in the beginning of the write-up.Distinct from the text-only appeal of wall stickers, Islamic canvas art uses the effect of colours and the texture of canvas to draw the attention of the onlooker to the passages written or painted on the artwork.

Hues are said to bring life to our living and working spaces as well as uplift our spirits. They are, therefore, an important part of home decor. The adage ‘add colour to your life’ means one should live their life with colour, or with positivity and zeal. Most people do up the walls of their residences in varied hues. These days, people do up one wall of a room in a hue that isn’t white. Many stores that sell Islamic wall art are using colours on Islamic calligraphy.

If you are looking for Islamic wall art Arabic calligraphy on canvas, you would for sure come across many original paintings or vivid digital works.If you look up Islamic calligraphy are canvas, you would find many canvas pieces coloured with several hues of the palette – from the crimson, the magenta, the brown and the velvet to the pink, the orange and the black. Still, the abundant colours do not take away the attention from the Islamic calligraphy art. In fact, they only help draw your eyes and mind to the text and that is their real function. If wall artdraws your attention, you would also read the text and ponder son it.

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