Luxurious Furniture in Gurgaon

A well-furnished home is incomplete without furniture. Furniture on one side provides comfort to the person and on the other side gives an attractive look to the building. Since human civilization, people use rocks and tree stumps as furniture. Eventually carving and construction of stones, wood and animal bones had been done to use them as furniture. Many different names are given to furniture styles such as Roman furniture, Greek furniture, Medieval European furniture, 18th-century furniture, 19th-century furniture and so on. In Ancient Greece style, wood was the main material used on which decoration had been done with ivory and tortoiseshell. Similarly, in the 18th century, French art was in trend thus the main furniture styles were Baroque and Rococo. However, in the twentieth century, the furniture style turned towards modernism and luxury. Elite and Rich class people are now ready to spend a handsome amount to show off their luxury to achieve comfort. Likewise, with the increased living standards of ordinary people, the furniture trend in the twenty-first century also leaned to more lavishness.

Every person wants more or less luxury in his home either in the form of interior design, color or furniture. By the term luxury, it means the state of extra comfort that too with the high expenses. In the furniture, there can many luxurious items such as chairs, beds, bathtubs, etc. Luxury furniture in somebody’s view is about the uniqueness and congeniality with the fusion and blend of different furniture styles while others choose a particular furniture style for their comfort and luxury. There are three main types of furniture styles which are most popular currently:

Italian style

This style is best known for its craftsmanship and high-quality material. Whether you want to buy magnificent sofas, sculpture table lamps or dining tables there are several luxurious Italian style brands available each with their own distinctiveness.  Most popular brands include MARIONI which is famous for the last five decades for different objects, SMANIA that is most popular due to its hand made products, SELVA that is admired for congruous room sets and variegated list of styles in armchairs, Peggy chairs, and tables.

French Style

The intricate carvings on wood and stones are the topmost reason for the popularity of French style furniture. There is a variety of French collections of furniture to choose from such as The Chantilly collection which is inspired by traditional French styles, Chamonix collection for contemporary appeal, Argentine Silver Metal collection and many more collections to give unusual, lavish and functional appeal.

English style

Due to its balanced proportion and harmony, British or English style furniture is always in demand if anyone wants to bring luxury to his/ her home. The most famous luxurious collections in this style are Queen Anne collection and Edwardian furniture.

If you want to buy luxury furniture items in Gurgaon, you can search the luxury furniture stores in Gurgaon with the help of the internet. Nevertheless, you must spend some time to do extensive research by comparing the price, discounts and offers to get the most luxury and snuggly furniture items. All the best!!

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