One must know about CAMS to Clear Doubts

Indian economy is developing with great rate day by day. The investors can invest their money and get a good return. Recently, there are many new mutual fund companies introduced in the market. There are various investment companies present in the stock market. The investment by the retail investor is made in every investment companies. Each company follows its own strategy and try to offers the best returns and to fascinate the investors. 

The system:

There is an online mode of investment in a mutual fund. One needs to check cams online for its functions that can help the companies to put the investment in the stock market and trace the same via different online options. Each company in the stock market offers various type of schemes to the retail investor where the investor can have a good return or profit after a period. It must be noted that one always gets a good return in a mutual fund. 

There is no guarantee of return in a mutual fund as it always depends upon the market performance.  The mutual fund market is known for its transparency and liquidity. Every company promises to give the best return to the investor due to competition in the market. The company also signed the best of fund managers who can take decisions in such a way that can get the optimum return to the invested amount. It is done only to manage the fund in the market. 

Options of investment: 

There are infinite options which the company offers to the retail investor. There is two application mode of investment. The first mode is the online mode, and the second mode is an offline mode. The investors who are comfortable in using the internet or smartphones can easily go for the online application mode as it saves time as well as it is a fast application mode. And those investors whose do not have such interest may go for an offline mode of application. In an offline application mode, one needs to visit the nearby mutual fund office and needs to fill the physical form with some required documents. Whereas in an online mode of application, one can fill the soft copy of the form in the official website and needs to upload some documents. 

Also, one can go for an app of the concerned mutual fund company or third parties app. The payment in an online mode is done through via, bank account, and e-banking scheme. The payment in an offline application mode is done through a cheque. Also, the investor can go for any of the open-ended or close-ended funds as per his need. One should choose any of the funds wisely. In open-ended fund, an investor can withdraw his investment any of the time when he wants, whereas, in the close-ended fund, one needs to show patience. One can withdraw the funds only when the time period of investment is completed. The fund can never be withdrawal at any situation before time. One can also check the NAV in mutual funds with the help of the company website or call centre.

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