Hi-AirPro Review: High Quality Sound & Bass AirPods Under 2000 (Guarantee)

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Hello Friends, Today we are launched our new product Hi-AIRPRO. This Hi-AIRPRO is an alternative to Apple Airpods.

Why we Are Launched AIRPRO?

Best Airports ever AIRPRO HIDEAL

The main reason is Quality. There are So many airpods and Wireless products available in the market but the Sound Quality review is average and there is no guarantee regarding the product.

But I am Sure after using this Hi-AIRPRO, you are 100% Satisfied with the Quality, Sound, Battery backup.Let’s review the Hi-AIRPRO.

Design and Comfort Level

Best Airports ever AIRPRO HIDEAL

The design is very dynamically designed and very comfortable in Ears. The Comfort level is Great and Very comfortably fit in-ear while workout and running.

Best Airports ever AIRPRO HIDEAL

If you Using the Hi-AirPro in the ear for a few hours, You don’t feel that because it’s Lightweight and 100% Griped.


Sound and Effects:

Best Airports ever AIRPRO HIDEAL

The sound quality of Hi-AIRPRO is Unexpected because the Bass Quality is very high and You can customize the bass according to your Need.

Some local Airpods has Good quality sound but with Low-Quality Bass.

But Hi-AIRPRO is the combination of both things.

High-Quality Sound and Effects + High Boast Bass


Wireless Charging Support:

Best Airports ever AIRPRO HIDEAL

The main advantage of this Hi-AIRPRO case is that it supports wireless charging which is a key point. You can also charge these with a compatible wireless charging pad and which is basically all of them or even your friend’s Android phone that supports reverse wireless charging.


Battery Backup

Best Airports ever AIRPRO HIDEAL

The Battery backup of Hi-AIRPRO is Good, the Average battery life is 6-7 Hours while movies watching. On another side, the Battery backup while calling is 5-6 Hours.

It will take 40min for the full charge.

Payment Process: Rs 1900 + Rs74 Deliver Charge = Final Cost Rs 1974

  • Specially Delivery in Amritsar within 2 Days
  • Delivery in Other States of India within 4-5 Days

best airpods under 2000

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