Reasons to choose SMS for your marketing campaign

In our country like India where smartphones have gone on to outnumber toothbrushes, SMS does appear to be the future of marketing. It is a reliable and effective medium in reaching out to people within a matter of seconds. Most reliable SMS gateway service ensures that it is done even if the mobile phone of a customer is switched off. Anywhere in the world SMS reaches a handset. No doubt if you avail bulk SMS gateway it is a cost-effective medium. The beauty of bulk SMS marketing is that it has been existent for a long time and will continue to do so in the coming years. The main features of bulk SMS services are as follows


Be it a transactional or a promotional message it is possible to send and read bulk SMS quickly. The feature of rapidity is involved. If you are looking for information to reach a wider audience and for them to respond in a prompt manner rely on the services of a professional SMS provider from a top notch company.

SMS gateway service

Right on the button

In comparison to other marketing channels, with SMS marketing there is no need to worry whether your message would reach out to a target audience or not. In addition, the concept of bulk SMS is driven by permission which means people who have gone on to receive your messages have given their nod of approval to receive updates from your end.

Customer convenience

Customers are going to appreciate brands who lay due onus on time. A good example of this would be an e-commerce company. They rely on SMS in a meticulous manner to inform customers about product launches or updates. One more example would be bank regular updates customers about account balance, withdrawal, deductions etc.  This would also enable you to cut down on customer-centric services.

Low investment and high returns

Advertisement cost outdoors or traditional form of advertisements could be out of bounds for a lot of businesses. With SMS solutions at a low cost, you can expect higher returns. This is a form of marketing that at a fraction of a cost you can put in action. This would allow you in reaching out to thousands of customers in an effective manner.

No filter

In comparison to email marketing, there are no filters in place in case of bulk SMS. This means that messages would not make their way on to the spam folder. Even if a number is listed on the DND category still there is a way by which you can reach it.

To conclude small business houses are reaping in the rewards of bulk SMS marketing campaigns. This appears to be a growing sector and you can choose a customized package as per your needs. In your quest for the search for a promotional or business-oriented SMS company choose a company whom you can trust. There are numerous distinguished players in the market.

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