Simple Tips To Score Well In CBSE Mathematics Exam For Grade 6

The curriculum of CBSE schools is designed by the CBSE and NCERT so that the students are introduced to basics of the very important topics without degrading their interest in learning. The NCERT books are provided by all the CBSE affiliated schools. The syllabus is well-strategized and designed to make the basics of the students strong for their future studies by considering each and every basic mathematical concept to get immersive and interactive learning.

Maths question paper for CBSE class 6 contains questions from every section of mathematics syllabus. If you find it difficult while preparing mathematics, then below tips will help you to give your best in mathematics exam:

· Exam pattern

While having an exam, the most important thing is to understand the examination pattern, which will give you an idea of the structure of the question paper. If you have the idea about the pattern of questions, then you won’t find it difficult to understand the exam structure, and at the end, it will save some of your crucial time.

· Understand the syllabus

After understanding the question paper pattern, next is to analyse the exam pattern and prepare a strategy for your mathematics exam. Get to know about the number of questions, their types followed in the Class 6 Mathematics exam. A clear understanding of the syllabus and weight to the topics will help you to distribute your time accordingly.

Math worksheets for grade 6 CBSE

  • Notice the areas of improvement

While practising, you will come through various topics in which you are not good. While realizing the areas and practising them will definitely help you to score better.

· Maintain a notebook for formulae, theories, and methods

Mathematics is all about formulae, theories, concepts, if you know them correctly then you can excel in the examination. Therefore, you are always suggested to keep them in a separate notebook, and this practice is really useful when you are doing your last-minute revision.

· Keep the examination sheet clean

While checking, the examiner has to understand each, and every step of your answer and in most of the cases, he would not have much time to spend on a single question. So, it is advisable to avoid overwriting and cutting in your sheet. Also, draw a clean margin for rough work.

Math worksheets for grade 6 CBSE

  • Answer in steps

In mathematics, if step goes wrong, then your question goes wrong. So, while writing an answer, ensure to pay special attention to the steps to get to the final answer. Without writing steps, you cannot get full marks in mathematics.

· Attempt the familiar questions

Read the question paper thoroughly and begin to solve the questions which you familiar with.  Getting stuck to a difficult and unfamiliar question for more time is not a good practice.

CBSE Syllabus for Class 6 mathematics has 13 chapters. It is advised to a student to go through Math worksheets for grade 6 CBSE and solve them. The practice will be helpful for you in memorizing various concepts and improve the question-solving speed. Also, it will help you to excel in your weaker sections.

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