Spray Foam Vancouver With Its Services That Are Highly Secured and Safe

In cases of fireproofing, no decision should be taken lightly and thus the contractor has to be chosen rightly as it is very important for fireproofing. That is the reason it is suggested that when to choose a high-quality thermal proofing, sprayed foam or insulation, Westcor Thermal is going to be the best option to choose. It is one of the most respected and reputed companies of the city and people from other nearby places also take their services. Spray foam Vancouver has the staff members who are known to be the leaders of the industry and they work with the aim that they will always provide the best of services. 

The various kind of services 

The services that are provided by the Spray foam Insulation Vancouver company that is Westcor Thermal are widely ranged and to name a few the services are as follows:

  • Fireproofing: The company provides a range of fireproofing insulation like mineral fibre spray, wet mix plaster, intumescent spray and many others.
  • Thermal insulation: The thermal insulation they provide is ideal for a variety of surfaces and of tight spaces which are very difficult to insulate by the use of traditional insulation materials.
  • Acoustic application: It is a spray applied fibreglass insulation that is used to absorb sound and conforms with any surface configuration for a seamless and aesthetic application.
  • Fire-stopping: They are always there to review the types and quantity of penetration in the building and install a suitable fire-stopping application in order to prevent smoke and fire from spreading. 

Installation of Thermal Insulation

It is to be noted here that thermal insulation is a glass fibre-based spray insulation that is a product in use for commercial, institutional and industrial use. The composition of this material is of white, inorganic and non-hazardous water-based synthetic emulsion. It is an effective and versatile insulation product that is designed to meet the stringent demands of architects and contractors. Spray foam Insulation Vancouver installs the thermal insulation in various locations including

  • Soffits
  • Parades
  • Warehouse ceilings and 
  • Commercial buildings.

This thermal insulation is known to be the perfect solution for projects that are of hard to reach areas. The glass-fibre is projected to a minimum 25% recycled glass that can be used to apply on various surfaces including vertical and even in the overhead configuration. 

Ensuring safety and security 

It is to say with utmost confidence that when the Westcor Thermal company is using insulation, fire-stopping or even acoustic treatments, the work is going to be handled with utmost care and responsibility. The team of workers here are certified to comprehensive training programs and they are there to maintain the job safety to the highest level. The Spray foam Vancouver team keeps it a point that when working they maintain a safe environment and make sure that the clients and customers get the highest amount of satisfaction.  

Acoustically Driven Apartments 

Acoustics are often overlooked by the complexity of the building project. It is known that in cases of large spaces with several acoustically reflective surfaces are nightmares for anyone using it. The spray applied acoustic applications absorb the sound instead of reflecting it. That further reduces the reverberation in time and making speech, announcement and to make music more intelligently. That is the reason the acoustic application is important to reduce the noise while at the same time improving the ambient quality of various sounds.

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