What are the Benefits Electronic Toll Collection System?

Nowadays many things have changed as the technology have grown very rapidly not only in one place but in many fields in which one of the things is collecting toll which in the past people used to sit on the booth and collect the toll from the people through cash but now people do not carry cash which has brought electronic toll collection system and now there are numbers of automatic toll collection system in India which has become easy for the people and convenient. It has become more popular as people in India has going cashless and using other devices for paying their toll.

Electronic toll makes the collection very fast and quick at the toll plaza. And it also saves lots of time as the vehicles have not to stop and it will automatically take payment. There are many benefits to it.

  • Time-saving

It saves lots of time as vehicles have not to stop and stand in a queue, pay the toll as the electronic collection will take payment automatically.

  • Increased capacity

With the help of this, it has observed the capacity of the lane which has to increase it almost by three folds as it is because of jam happen because of lots of vehicles. Toll plaza having an electronic machine as it decreases the traffic without any additional lane.

  • Reduction in accident

It is also observed that the number of accidents has reduced because of the decrease in the crowding around the toll plaza.

Toll Collection System

  • Saving in fuel

In the past years, vehicles have to wait for a long time at the toll plaza while they take toll collection one by one and they have to stand in a long queue as the electronic system has reduced the queue and waiting in line means wasting of fuel but now you are able to save fuel for future. It also reduces the operating cost of a vehicle

  • Enhanced cash handling

In today world taking cash with you, people feel difficult but now in electronic collecting system, the people do not carry any cash as they can pay it through any way they like it.

  • Control Emission

Harmful emission of the vehicular is reduced because of the elimination of the idling and acceleration. As this benefit is only for the surrounded area but it is highly benefited for the area of the toll plaza, and it also helps in the reduction of air pollution.

  • Reduction in Congestion

Due to the increasing usage of the toll collection system, the rate of the toll transaction has highly increased. There are many electronic toll collection companies in India which makes easy for the booth to collect the toll in many areas. So it has decreased the rate of congestion, as it has also reduced the number of vehicles waiting in the queue and waiting time has also reduced.

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